Lazer Mazer

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A web of laser beams which players attempt to negotiate without “tripping” one of the beams. The scenerio: Players break into an underground vault. The mission objective is to disable the network’s firewall by gaining access to the terminal inside the vault.

To accomplish this, players must first avoid detection by getting past the network of lasers, pass a biometric scan of their hand, and enter a revealed code. Can you make it back without tripping a beam. A must try activity!

This is a pay per play activity.
$3.50 per ticket / 2 tickets for $5

Socks or shoes can be worn for this activity

TreePaad is a Play at Your Own Risk Facility


Absolutely! All lasers used by Lazer Mazers, though incredibly bright, are less than 5 miliwatts in power and meet OSHA and FDA guidelines for a Class IIIA rated device. Additionally, the Lazer Mazers software automatically shuts off a laser the instant a beam is broken, thus eliminating the possibility of looking directly at the laser.