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TREEPAAD will be CLOSED ALL DAY on November 22 & 23rd
In Celebration of Thanksgiving , we are very Thankful for all of you as our customers!

Have a wonderful Celebration with your families and friends.  
We will re-Open on Friday  November 24th, 2017 


LaZer Runner

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Like Laser Tag? You'll love our arena!
Inside the futuristic lazer runner battle station, strap on your fiber optic armor, energize your Phazor and enter the most state-of-the-art Laser Tag system offered today.

Stalk, then deactivate your opponents one by one, and watch out for enemy mines, you could be disabled for a short time. Make sure to check out your score, to see if you rate amongst the elite.

Play a competitive game of Team against Team, Team Capture or Vampire or make up your own game, theme it up and let your imagination take control.

Join us today for some AWESOME Lazer Tag Fun!!

This is a pay per play activity.
$5 per ticket / 2 tickets for $8

Socks or shoes can be worn for this activity.

TreePaad is a Play at Your Own RiskFacility

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Hey, did you know?

This is a pay per play activity.
Socks are required for this activity.
TreePaad is a Play at Your Own Risk Facility